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In response to the demand by telecommunication, service, entertainment and cosmetic clients in need of effective and personal marketing strategies, MarketStorm Global Ltd was established in England in 2012. We cover selected regions in the UK with our main office in Leeds city centre, where we are currently based. We are a privately owned, outsourcing direct sales and marketing company that focuses on acquiring customers for a portfolio of various clientele throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Our vision here at MarketStorm Global Ltd is to become the largest and most effective direct sales and marketing organisation in the UK and Europe. Within the next year we want to expand across the UK and Ireland. We are currently under-way in management development and a recruitment process to expand our services on a much larger scale throughout the rest of the UK and eventually Europe in order to have the capacity to service our UK, European and International clients.

Press releases

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MarketStorm Global Look at How Mentoring Could Improve Economic Future

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MarketStorm Global offer Expansion advice to Small Businesses

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MarketStorm Global expresses concern for the industry following the release of a study which reveals that UK marketers fail to form step-by-step... read more

Press Release • 18.03.2014 • By MarketStorm Global Ltd

MarketStorm Global Invited to Las Vegas Business Event

Following strategic networking and unprecedented success over the last few months, MD Gavin Walsh of MarketStorm Global has been invited to... read more

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MarketStorm Global Ltd Stress Customer Experience Management Affects...

Gavin Walsh at MarketStorm Global Ltd underlines the importance for businesses to focus on their customers as a recent report shows that... read more

Press Release • 14.08.2013 • By MarketStorm Global Ltd

MarketStorm Global Ltd Insist Customer Retention is Improved through...

Globally, brands spend billions of pounds on their visual identity. Gavin Walsh, managing director of MarketStorm Global Ltd , suggests focusing... read more

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